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Based in Germany, present throughout the globe.


Olympus Branding is a German Design Agency based in the historic district of Briller Viertel. Overlooking the scenic valley of Elberfeld and the river Wupper in Western Germany, this region, now part of Wuppertal, was once the Duchy of Berg.


Our presence extends from Europe to North and Latin America, offering a deep understanding of diverse local dynamics.

Under the guidance of our founder, Alejandro Torres Frias, Olympus Branding is driven by a team of skilled project managers, art directors, and designers from around the world.


As a key division of, our expertise lies in crafting standout websites and apps. We pride ourselves on our tailored approach to each project, focusing only on a select number of engagements at a time. This strategy allows us to provide dedicated attention and personalized service, ensuring the highest quality and a unique experience for every client.

From Vision to Icon: Sculpting the Olympus Branding Identity

At the heart of Olympus Branding, our logo and icon stand as a monument to the transformative power of design. Conceived initially as a homage to the majestic Mount Olympus, evolving through strokes and flashes of inspiration.
With each fold, our vision sharpened, giving rise to an emblem that encapsulates both the stability of the mountains and the spark of divine creativity. The final silhouette is a distillation of our ethos – bold, dynamic, with a flash of blue to capture the electric spirit of innovation. It's an emblem that mirrors the ethos of Olympus Branding: where every design, every website we design, every app we prototype is a summit scaled.

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